Dipsea Trail – Recommendation for a Trail Run in SF

I recently visited SF for work…and it reminded me to do a share a quick post on a really fun trail run I did a few years back.

In 2010, in my short time in California over the summer, I decided to go on the famed Dipsea Trail, one of the largest trail races in the country. I didn’t do the race, instead I just ran through the course and back on the same day – a Double Dipsea. It was fun – 7 miles to the beach, and then the 7 back to my car. Saw some nice sights, and  got lost a few times. For those in SF and wanting to go on a solid trail run, I found it enjoyable.

Book Review: Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

Drive, written by Daniel Pink, I would recommend for all people managers. I think it’s a great supplement to any management training where you are in direct control of the motivation of your employees. At the very least, it might spark some new ideas.

Just to share a few of them:

  • People are motivated by Mastery, Autonomy, and Purpose
  • Ask everyone in your organization to rate, on a scale of one to ten, how much autonomy do you have over your tasks, time, team, and technique?
  • Ditch the “to do” list and opt for a “don’t list” instead
  • Sagmeister: Work 7 years, take 1 off 

The best use of money is to take the issue of money off the table . . . Effective organizations compensate people in amounts and in ways that allow individuals to mostly forget about compensation and instead focus on the work itself

Also, is a neat animation of one of his talks (youtube).

Book Review: Moonwalking with Einstein – Moonwalking down Memory Lane

Moonwalking with Einstein.  Written by Joshua Foer,  it takes you into the world of memory competition, what it entails, how to get into it, and if it really does make your day-to-day memory better. I was fascinated by it, and from it, I’m interested to see if I can memorize a deck of cards sometime. Coincidentally, around the same time I was reading this, Tim Ferriss also did a challenge to memorize a deck of cards.

A takeaways for me:

  • Anyone can challenge themselves to do memory of certain things (deck of cards)
  • The memory palace is a winning formula
  • Even if you can memorize 2 decks of cards, you’ll still forget your keys on your counter
  • I want to watch one of these competitions someday
  • I want to see if I can memorize a deck of cards

(Audio) Book Review: World War Z – I Want More Zombies!

For 2013, this was my favorite audiobook. This audiobook is an entirely different experience from most others. The author, Max Brooks, is a voice actor himself, and  makes for a fantastic narrator. Then, to make it even better, all the different characters in the book are different people/voices!

It’s things like this, that makes audiobooks sometimes far more superior to the  book itself. After the book ended, I wanted more! If they ever did a mini-series or a movie following the actual events in the book, that’d be pretty awesome (Instead of whatever movie they made instead).

(Audio) Book Review, 1984: Big Brother is Watching

1984 by George Orwell, and narrated by Simon Prebble. I was supposed to have read this in High School, but I think I can appreciate it so much more now…especially with the Snowden saga.

It’s a classic, for all the right reasons. It’s powerful, a great story, and it’s not that long. Also to consider, the narrator is great. “Big Brother,” “Thought Police” are both terms that we still use today. To think that it originated from (or at least became more popularized) by this book. As technology becomes more and more ubiquitous, and we rely more on it, I think the concepts in this book will be even more relevant to all of us.

Thailand in Review

Thailand is a fun place. We know it was famous for its beaches, but we were happy to explore the countryside and the great outdoors. By doing so, we really  got to experience Thailand, and get a feel for the warmth of the people.

A few surprises for me:

  • The big city, Bangkok, was not enjoyable (at least, for me)
  • Their English was surprisingly pretty good
  • Amongst other tourists we met, I would say the majority came from Northern Europe/Scandinavian countries
  • Thai massages are nice, but it hurts!
  • I heard it was affordable, but still shocked (how cheap it was)

Quick Summary of the Trip:

Our favorite part was the elephants. If we were to come back, we’d probably spend more time (at least a few days) volunteering at the Elephant Sanctuary.  It would also be great to go further into Thailand to Chiang Rai.



Thailand, Day 7: The Busy and the Quiet of Bangkok

My last day in Thailand, was spent it hanging out in public; in the market, in the park.

First, I went to the famous Chatuchak Weekend Market (TripAdvisor). I was  awed by all the things that were sold – very crazy. Along the same lines there was some awesome ice cream and street food :). This place is MASSIVE.

Second, I went to Lumpini Park (TripAdvisor). It was alright, but it pales in comparison to Central Park. I could see myself going for a jog there if I was there longer.

Overall, Thailand was a blast. Highly recommended.



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