Comic Review: Lando, Star Wars, and the new Canon

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. I wanted to break the silence by posting my review of Lando #1 of the new Star Wars comics. It was originally posted on comiXology’s tumblr.

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by: Douglas Hwang

Ever since Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, Star Wars fans have been wondering how their beloved franchise would change. Then in 2014, it was announced that previous Expanded Universe stories would fall into the Legends banner and not be included in the official canon. This was a major change to the Star Wars universe as we knew it (Emperor Thrawn? Mara Jade?). But, as we’ve learned this year, they have a lot planned for the franchise aside from the new movie, Episode VII Force Awakens. With a new cartoon series, numerous new books, many new movies planned (Anthology Series) and many new comics, the new canon has been streamlined and put together in a cohesive way that was never done before.

As the Princess LEIA mini-series of 5 comics came to an end a few weeks back, a new 5-part mini-series appears and we learn more about fan favorite Lando Calrissian in the new LANDO Marvel series. From Episode V and VI, we know that Lando was the previous owner of the Millennium Falcon before Han Solo and the Baron Administator of Cloud City. But how does he get to where he is? How does he obtain the Millennium Falcon? Will we even get to those questions in this comic series? Well, in this first issue we learn that he smuggles something big…and maybe out of his league.

To learn more about the new Star Wars canon I would also recommend the new Marvel STAR WARSseries based in the canon between Episodes 3 and 4, the new DARTH VADER series which interweaves the new Star Wars comic series in Vader’s point of view, and also the Kanan series where we learn more about the backstory from one of the protagonists from the new Star Wars Rebels cartoon series.

It’s been fun ride for Star Wars fans, but we’ve quickly come to learn that the Force is strong this calendar year. Can’t wait for the movie in December.


DOUGLAS HWANG is a Product Manager at Comixology, lives in Brooklyn and is crazy about Star Wars, Portland Trail Blazers, and the great outdoors.