Book Review: Dreamland – Learning to Cat Nap

Finished this book on sleep. Written by David Randall, audiobook narrated by Andy Capole, Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep

Dreamland talks about the science of sleep, and shares a lot of super interesting stories. It’s entertaining learning about all the odd things that happen to people. But for takeaways, there’s some straightforward advice to improve one’s sleep, and thus improve one’s life.

Here are my takaways:

  • Sleep more = better life
  • More connected to circadian rhythm = better sleep
    • sleep when dark, wake up with sun
  • Better diet = better sleep
  • Regular exercise = better sleep
  • Not looking at your computer/TV/LCD screens before sleeping = better sleep
  • Less alcohol/caffeine before sleeping = better sleep
  • If you have sleep apnea, you can do a few things to help
    • If overweight, lose weight
    • Talk to a doctor – potentially use a mask