2013 into 2014

If 2012 was one of the hardest of my life, 2013 was one of the most fulfilling. When I think of 2012, my first full calendar year in NYC, I think of it as when New York hazed me to if I can handle it in the big city. 2013 then, is of acceptance, and New York giving me the nod of approval that I can indeed handle it.

For this past year, outside of writing about my Thailand trip, or what books I read, I didn’t write much…but I still have a number of fond memories to look back on, and share here:

  1. New York City Marathon – back in 2012, I mentioned that I ran the 9+1 program. That qualified me for the 2013 NYC Marathon. Up to this point, NYC was a tough place for me.  I thought people were jerks (well, they still kinda are), and just never felt at home. The NYC marathon changed this. I never felt more welcome and alive in NYC than on marathon day. Random strangers high-5ing me, cheering me, encouraging, me…one of the most memorable moments of my life.
  2. Sub-6minute Mile – In high school, the fastest I had run a mile is 6:03. Since then I had never “officially” broke that mark. Last year, in the 5th-Ave Mile, I ran a 6:02. This year I finally broke that barrier (5:54)! According to Mens Health, it’s a fitness performance standard. And, for me, it was a nice milestone to recognize that I’m not over the hill at 30 – rather in top shape. So age 40…bring it on.
  3. Hood to Coast, the revenge – a group of us, Phi-Delts, got ourselves into a 200 mile relay race lats year. This race was something I’ve always wanted to do growing up in Portland. As fun as it was, we were ill-prepared. We didn’t have vans (just mid-sized SUVs), 11 runners instead of 12, and  did not have the right preparation as it was our first time. This past year, we got our revenge. A full 12-person team, 12-person full sized vans, for a top 92nd percentile finish, 17th of 216 in our division, and 198 miles in 25:15:34 (a 7:40 pace). We beat last year’s time by over an hour! BOOM. For 2014, we were thinking of trying our hand at a Ragnar race.
  4. Thailand Trip – Go see the elephants!
  5. Favorite Books – Of course, I only write about the books I like in this blog. As it was a light year in reading, here are my favs:
  6. Etsy, Dumbo, and Appreciating Life everyday – In early 2013, I switched work to Etsy, where I am a Product Manager focusing on International Growth. One particular consequence from it, was living closer to work, and thus, giving me the opportunity to ride my bike to work. That was a life-changing event. I have a solid 5.5 mile bike ride to work from Midtown to Dumbo, where I navigate the streets of NYC. On the way to work, I have to survive the morning fish deliveries by swerving illegally parking trucks to Chinatown, on the way back, I have to survive the Seamless.com delivery bikers going the WRONG way on a one-way bike lane on a motorized bicycle. It’s crazy,  exhilarating, and helps you appreciate the gift of the present/life everyday.

New York is a crazy place. 2013 was a crazy year. New job, new adventures, pushing boundaries, failing, succeeding, and getting engaged. Let’s see where 2014 takes us.

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