Book Review: Moonwalking with Einstein – Moonwalking down Memory Lane

Moonwalking with Einstein.  Written by Joshua Foer,  it takes you into the world of memory competition, what it entails, how to get into it, and if it really does make your day-to-day memory better. I was fascinated by it, and from it, I’m interested to see if I can memorize a deck of cards sometime. Coincidentally, around the same time I was reading this, Tim Ferriss also did a challenge to memorize a deck of cards.

A takeaways for me:

  • Anyone can challenge themselves to do memory of certain things (deck of cards)
  • The memory palace is a winning formula
  • Even if you can memorize 2 decks of cards, you’ll still forget your keys on your counter
  • I want to watch one of these competitions someday
  • I want to see if I can memorize a deck of cards