Thailand in Review

Thailand is a fun place. We know it was famous for its beaches, but we were happy to explore the countryside and the great outdoors. By doing so, we really  got to experience Thailand, and get a feel for the warmth of the people.

A few surprises for me:

  • The big city, Bangkok, was not enjoyable (at least, for me)
  • Their English was surprisingly pretty good
  • Amongst other tourists we met, I would say the majority came from Northern Europe/Scandinavian countries
  • Thai massages are nice, but it hurts!
  • I heard it was affordable, but still shocked (how cheap it was)

Quick Summary of the Trip:

Our favorite part was the elephants. If we were to come back, we’d probably spend more time (at least a few days) volunteering at the Elephant Sanctuary.  It would also be great to go further into Thailand to Chiang Rai.