Thin and Minimalist Wallets

Wallets…one of four things I’m guaranteed to take with me everyday (the other three being my smartphone, keys, and watch).

It’s been a multi-year testing process to find the perfect one that fits my style. Mainly there are 5 (unconventional wallets) that I’ve researched and tried out:

1. Jimi Wallet – I only used this for a few days, and quickly ditched it. The form factor didn’t work for me, and for me, it was kinda bulky. Especially since it can only hold ~4 cards. Further, I hate double folding my bills – takes too long to take out and use.

2. Standard Money Clip + Standard Card Case (one you can pull from any “normal wallet”) – This is actually a pretty good setup, by keeping your belongings compartmentalized. The downside: it was a hassle having two separate “wallets” in my pocket…again, personal preference didn’t favor this style.

3. Slimmy – Great wallet. Forces you to be a minimalist. I tried both the normal Slimmy and the Slim Slimmy. Both are well made, durable, and compact. Downside: by  having to fold the bills, it can get bulky at times. And again, I realized how much I hate folding (Slimmy) and double folding my bills (Slim Slimmy)…too inconvenient to do it every time you get bills back.

4. Eagle Creek Travel Wallet – I used this for a good year. It was thin, durable, and was functioned like a normal wallet. I found it at a travel store, and thought “hey, it’s just a normal wallet, but super compact.” It worked well, but the form was just a tad too small. Putting full sized bills into the bill fold was difficult, it would always get stuck or crumpled…if the wallet was only a little bigger.

5. All-Ett Wallet – The perfect wallet. It was all I wanted from the Eagle Creek travel wallet, but better in every way – perfect size, thinner, and held more cards (10 cards in total). I currently use the smallest version of the all-ett (sport-style). First, I tried the nylon version, it’s the thinnest version, but friends/family also thought it was too ugly. I got hassled so much that I had to switch to the leather version. It’s slightly thicker (by the replacement of the other shell with leather), but I don’t get hassled anymore…which was well worth the sacrifice. I’ve been using this for a few years now.

I try to bring with me the least amount of cards, and minimize the thickness of the wallet as much as possible. After watching an episode of Seinfeld, which George had the monster wallet and having some back problems on my own, I wanted to switch to a small one, and so far, it’s been great.

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