The MIT Sloan Armada: Tradition in the British Virgin Islands

We have a lot of traditions at MIT Sloan…perhaps none as grandiose as this:

  • 180 Classmates (45% of my class)
  • 17 Catamarans
  • 8 Islands
  • One amazing graduation trip

To be honest, at first I was skeptical on going on a trip like this. I’m not a strong swimmer, not much of a beach person, and have no experience on a sailboat. How much fun can sailing around islands be?

Taking a quick history lesson, it was first organized over 10 years ago, spearheaded by one of the Sloan head administrators. This is one of the single biggest participating event in all of Sloan. And something about solidifying your friendships over the past two years, and learning about yourself in the process, makes it an amazing event. Like many things in life, it’s the people…the people have made my Sloan experience great, and its the same people that made this trip so memorable.


For any future Sloanie (or anyone that can round up 170 of your friends), I would highly highly recommend going on this…consider it a social elective that must be taken.

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