MBA Overview

During my two years here at MIT Sloan I had an opportunity to practicing my blogging skillz…primarily on the interesting things that I’ve had the opportunity to do. I definitely feel privilaged to have done so many things. So here’s a neat compendium of most of the MBA blog posts that I’ve done.

1st Year:

Volunteer for Tech Crunch Disrupt NYC

1st Year Coursework Recap



2nd Year:

Larry Chiang talk



Treks and Travel:


Overall Thoughts/Recaps:

As one can see it’s been a busy, memorable, and amazing two years. And of course this is still missing a bunch of other things that I’ve done. There’s no way I could’ve shared everything.

Like many great things that come to an end…it’s almost better to not think of it as an end, but rather the beginning…

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