2nd year Highlight – NYC Startup Trek

Innovation and MIT has always gone hand in hand (or shall I say mind and hand). Many of my college friends themselves have started companies (Dropbox, Xobni, Cardpool). Last year, over 10% of the MIT Sloan class of 2010, at graduation started their own companies. That is amazing.

Obviously Silicon Valley is the mecca of startups, and Boston has always had a great tradition themselves (I assume it helps being in the backyard of MIT). But with the growing NY startup scene, Michael Bloomberg’s commitment to grow this space in NY, and what I would call the “opportunities” that came from the financial recession, my classmates organized the first ever MIT Sloan Startup Trek to NY.

In 2 days, 30 of us we had over 20 companies on the docket to visit. A sampling of the companies we spoke with:

It’s exciting to see this space growing in New York…hopefully I can be a part of it soon.

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