1st Year Highlight – Luxury Study Tour

You speak Prada???
-Confession on a Shopoholic

Far from that, I didn’t even know what Prada was before this trek. Inspired by my marketing class and professor (Mark Ritson), I was motivated to learn about how marketing is done at some of the best marketing companies in the world. What better way to learn marketing, than from the luxury industry. An industry where legions of people around the world, dream of owning their products. It’s not necessary for their technological innovations, but from the feel, style, and satisfaction of owning the “brand.” It’s an industry that blantantly overcharges for seemingly “useless” items (ie diamonds), and but yet millions of people around the world dedicate a portion of their life savings on it. Further, it was my first time to Europe, an eye-opening and fun adventure I had a chance to share with my classmates.

Visited the “house” of LVMH

Moet & Chandon

Palace of Versailles

the museums!

Overall, from my experience, I’ve learned that luxury products work because it helps people dream and aspire. It’s about status and reaching the places. The vehicle which spreads this message is marketing. And even as as engineer/techie, I cannot deny the power of brand. It changes the way you look at the world, even affecting the strong a medicine maybe, or even how good a certain food might be.

Which then leads me to my last thought: what is the effect of the brand, “Douglas Hwang?”…hopefully it’s something positive and something brings good to people…

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