The Power of the Last Minute


“If it weren’t for the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done”

48 hours, the power of social networking, and insights into MBA conference pricing.

I have been pleasantly overwhelmed the past couple days. For a project for my pricing class, which I think is one of the best classes at MIT Sloan, my group and I decided to do it on MBA conference pricing. There’s almost an infinite amount of conferences at B-schools, I, myself have been a part of the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, MIT Sloan Business in Gaming Conference, and the MIT Sloan Asia Business Conference. And every time there’s always difficulty in right-pricing the conference.

Without going into the details of the project (I will try to do that in a later post), I instead want to share the method in getting there. This project presentation and write up was due Wednesday, our team ended up finishing our survey to send out on Monday…that gave us one day to get the results back in time for analysis and report compilation.

Using Facebook, Twitter, spamming our friends, emailing past attendees, emailing to the MIT Sloan mailing list (for the 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 classes), we were able to compile 272 responses for our analysis…in one day (~30 hours)! [NOTE:  I prefaced my messages with “HELP ME pass my class”] This was amazing, to me it helped me realize the power of social networking, the willingness of my friends to help, and again helped me to understand the power of procrastination =).

So for all those survey participants…thank you!

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