Innovation in Employment

Similar to school funding, I’ve always thought there has to be a better way to find jobs. Of course there’s been some great strides:, Linkedin, theLadders, onewire. But something, at least to me, still isn’t working correctly. All the time, I’m talking to companies that seem to find the right people, and people who can’t seem to find the right roles. And this is a history long problem…

Not that I have the vast knowledge to solve it right here, but I do have some neat ideas to encourage thought:

1) Ebay for Jobs. Generally, the job seekers are always in the hunt and have to eventually negotiate and such to receive a compensation package they enjoy. Why now turn it around a little bit, and try to create a market around jobs – Ebay style. Have employers “bid” for services for the “free agents.” Again, part of the idea comes from sports players. Though, this would make the job culture a little bit on the mercenary/hired guns type of things.

2) A dating site for jobs. One of the innovations of the internet is a way to meet more people that you might be generally exposed to. And with the multitude of psychologists and employed researchers, dating sites are employing complex algorithms to match people up. Why not apply those ideas to job hunters and seekers? Dating sites are essentially saying, put your information in, and in our database of seekers, we have the know-how to match you up. That’s essentially what a job market is, and having a little third-party computer-algorithm based mediation might actually a good thing.

Given that I’m currently in the job market, this is something that I’m constantly think about.

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