2nd Year Highlight – First Ever MIT Sloan Asia Business Conference


MIT Sloan, like many business schools, has a very diverse student body. In my class, 2011, approximately 44% of the student body is international. Despite that, we have never had a conference focused on Asia, even considering it’s rapid growth. This past year, spearheaded by the leaders of the MIT Sloan Asia Business Club, they assembled an amazing group of panelists and speakers for the first ever conference of its kind at MIT Sloan.

Previous to this conference, I had an opportunity to be a part of two others – the 2010 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference and the 2010 MIT Sloan Business in Gaming Conference. Myself, being interested in the growing Asia market, I helped bring some best practices from previous Sloan conferences to this one.

Without going into long detail, I just wanted to share a few conference highlights for me:

  • Chief Marketing Officer, HTC – John Wang. He spoke about HTC’s principles of innovation, and needs to delight the customer.
  • Samsung Electronics Executive Vice President – David Steel. He talked about Samsung’s growth story and vision. He also shared an interesting bit of himself. As a PhD from MIT, he decided to work in Korea for many years, eventually coming back to the states (NJ) as an American leading a Korean company.
  • Chairman of China Development Bank – Yuan Chen, presented an overview of the central role of development financing in supporting the overall growth of China. He also discussed broader aspects of Asian development.

I’m looking forward to seeing this conference continue to grow in the future. The website for the conference is: http://mitasiaconference.org/


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