MIT Sloan MBA Coursework Recap


I had an opportunity to share my favorite classes my first year, and those I took my second year. But when I summarize all the classes I’ve taken I can split it into 5 main categories, of which I will only explain the best ones that I took (if the class is starred, it means that I’ve mentioned it before and is listed it as one of my “must-takes” at MIT Sloan):



***1) 15.810 Marketing Management – Mark Ritson. I’ve already spoke about this class here. It was excellent, and taught by one of the best educators ever. Unfortunately, he was only a visiting professor…hopefully MIT Sloan can get him to come back.

***2) 15.818 Pricing - Catherine Tucker. I’ve written about this one here. Again, it’s only a quarter class (H2), but packed with useful knowledge.


3) 15.401 Finance IJiang Wang. I know there were mixed reviews from my classmates, but obviously taking Finance I is a must for most all MBAs (in my opinion). It teaches you the fundamentals of finance, which is necessary for whatever leadership role you might take at company. For me, I was lucky have taken it with Prof. Wang, a member of the Financial Advisory Roundtable at the Federal Reserve Bank of NY. Maybe the teaching was a little more on the theoretical side, but the style fit to my engineering background.

***4) 15.402 Finance II (Corporate Finance) - Paul Asquith. I wrote about it here. Prof. Asquith is a legend, and unfortunately it looks like 2011 will be his last year teaching.

5) 15.431 Entrepreneurial FinanceAntoinette Schoar. This class may not be for everyone, but it’s one of the best taught. It dives into the financial world involving venture capital and entrepreneurship. Going forward for me, I know it will be one of the most useful classes I will have taken.


***6) 15.012 Applied Macro and International Economics - Roberto Rigobon + Tavneet Suri. I also wrote about this class here. One of the most exciting (yes I put exciting and Macro in the same thought) classes at MIT Sloan.

***7) 15.014 Global Economic Challenges – Kristin Forbes. Also in my favorite class list. Gives you a truly global perspective and framework on how to analyze countries.

***8) 15.013 Industrial Economics – Robert S. Pindyck. My favorite class at MIT Sloan.

9) 15.567 Information of Economics -Erik Brynjolfssohn. A great class for anyone interested in Tech. Explores multiple subjects, trends, research, and thoughts. You’ll have an opportunity to meet many great pioneers, as they are often invited to speak in the class (such as Google Chief Economist Hal Varian, CEO Harrah’s Gary Loveman, IBM’s Watson Project Lead David Ferrucci,  and many more). Prof. Brynjolfssohn also runs a blog about teachings/topics from the class, which my team did a guest post (an expanded post is here) .

Analytical Tools:

10) 15.068 Statistical Consulting - Arnold Barnett. Very funny professor, and good class to learn how to apply statistics to management problems. Barnett will be cracking jokes all day, with a very applicable teaching style.

11) 15.840 Customer Analytics using Probability Models – Michael Braun. This class is NOT for everyone. But if you can get a chance to truly grasp the power of these probability models, and learn how to apply it to business analytics, no doubt you can be very successful.

12) 15.871 and 15.872 System Dynamics I+II – Nelson Repenning + John Sterman. Many of my classmates will tell you this is a “must-take” at MIT Sloan. The field was invented here and it teaches you to look at business problems in a much different framework. Many of the fundamentals (for the engineers out there) are very related (in my opinion) to classic control theory. Prof. Repenning is great, and Prof. Sterman is another legend at MIT Sloan.

Soft Skills:

***13) 15.398 Corporations at the Crossroads: The CEO Perspective. This class is moderated by Howard Anderson and Peter Kurzina. Also wrote about it here. A class where you meet high-powered CEOs for every class. It’s a very unique opportunity.

14) 15.389B Global Entreprenership Lab. This class was taught by Simon Johnson, awesome professor and author of The class content by itself, honestly I didn’t learn that much but the experience of it was amazing. It gave me the opportunity to spend 50 days in South America, with 3 amazing weeks working with a great company.


Over my two years at MIT Sloan, I listed the 14 classes which I thought were some of the most interesting, useful, best taught, and/or fun (specifically for me) at MIT Sloan. 7 of which, I personally feel are “must-takes,” given that the same professor is teaching.

I made sure to list the instructors for each class, because ultimately I believe that the professor 9 times of 10, makes the class worthwhile – through inspiration, challenging the way you think, and making a last impression on you. If these professors were to teach a different class, I would try to take that class as well.

In summary, in terms of classwork at MIT Sloan, look at the professors. A great professor, no matter the topic, will teach you something amazing.

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