MBA MIT Sloan Second Year – Favorite Classes

Having made a list of my favorite classes my first year, I wanted to do the same for this second year. For my second year, my general philosophy is very simple. Go after classes with great professors, you’ll almost never regret it afterwards. Too often, I’ve taken a class based on the subject matter, but did not get much out of it because of the teaching.

Favorite Second Year Classes:

15.013 Industrial Economics – Robert S. Pindyck. This is my favorite class that I’ve taken at MIT Sloan. I feel that this is the way that strategy should be taught – looking at the fundamental economics behind sound (or unsound) business decisions. How Prof. Pindyck taught was very engaging, interesting, and a lot fun. This is the most highly recommended class at MIT Sloan.

15.818 PricingCatherine Tucker. An excellent marketing class, one of the best ones at MIT Sloan. It does a rigorous deep dive into one of the 4Ps. From case to lecture to simulations, it does an excellent job teaching you how one should look at and do pricing. Prof. Tucker has been teaching this class for years, and makes our class and discussions very lively.

15.398 Corporations at the Crossroads: The CEO Perspective. This class is moderated by Howard Anderson and Peter Kurzina. Both whom have done so much for MIT and MIT Sloan. Their classes are very applicable, bringing in CEOs and other industry leaders to help MIT Sloan MBAs get real-world exposure. This class in particular is famous, brings in CEOs from all different industries every year, and together we examine the biggest challenges to the company and what it means to be a leader. Though we don’t “do” much, besides memos, it really gives a unique experience and perspective of being a top business leader, including getting an opportunity to learn the personal side (development, family, etc).


The second year are classes are definitely much more interesting overall than the first year ones. There were a lot  that were very useful for those with specific interests. The ones I listed were merely “must-takes” at MIT Sloan. I will try to share about the other ones in a future post.

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