Israel: The Land of Milk and Hummus

With 70 of my classmates, 5 of them (Israelis) showed us the “real” Israel. It so amazing to experience the country from an “insider’s perspective” and see it with my two eyes and not just what I see on TV or read in the news.

The 10 days there was extreme…jam packed to see the entire country. Here’s a brief highlight of our itinerary.

One story. During our time in Jerusalem, there was a bombing. And the odd thing (to me) was that nothing stopped. The country just kept running like any other day. Days after, we even passed by the spot on our bus on the way to the next stop. This experience showed me a lot about the people there. The resilience that IF they were to change the way the live, even for  a moment, then they will be giving in. This just says so much about the mentality of the people, and the how the country, despite everything heard on the news, is one of the most innovative in the world.

One thing I learned. Falafels are delicious. Never had falafels taste so good in my life.

Below are a few pictures to share, but overall, an eye-opening experience and would recommend it to anybody.


The beach in Tel-Aviv

Riding camels in the desert

An oasis in the desert

Yes, we are on top of tanks

The Hanging Gardens of Haifa

Sunrise at Masada

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