5 Days in Austin and SXSW


Being a huge techie (and nerd), I had wanted to come to SXSW for years. It had been called the “Woodstock for Techies,” a nexus of new trends and thoughts about the future of technology. This year, a group of 10 Sloanies came to experience the madness. Personally, for me, there were only a handfull of things I had wanted to get out of the conference.


  1. Inspiration – There was going to be so many famous people, thought leaders, and innovators. Being a part of it, I hoped to glean some inspiration into my own life.
  2. Gain insight to the upcoming new trends
  3. Try to be “social”
  4. Eat some great Austin/Texas food and have a good time


In the following posts I’ll expound on each objective. But in summary, I was able to achieve each of my objectives. Not sure if it’s something I’ll return to every year, but definitely something I would love to come back for in the near future.


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