50 days in South America: A Reflection

After much effort, I finally finished writing about my 50 day experience here in South America. It took a lot of effort, but for me it was great to put all my memories on (digital) paper. In future, when I look back, I’m sure it will bring back a lot memories.

To summarize everything:

Logistics; Airports;

Peru; Arrival; Jungle; Machu Pichu; Lima

Eco-Tourism Related:

Volun-Tourism Related:

Argentina: Food

Chile: Santiago, Travel,  Patagonia (part1, part2, part3)

Brazil: Glab, Beautiful Horizon, food, sights, futbol, Samba Tech

34 blog posts, 4 countries and 10+ pounds later, I have a lifetime of memories, and most importantly: new friends.

South America – your weather, majestic views, amazing food, and people…I’ll be back.

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