Beginning of an Adventure: 50 Days in South America

This January I will be doing G-Lab in Brazil. On top of that I have NO finals. If I gather all the free time that I have, it comes out to 50 days. When else will I have free 50 days during winter?

And so I decided it would be fun to go on an adventure to South America.

My tentative itinerary is as follow:

  1. Lima, Peru
  2. Amazon Rainforest
  3. Buenos Aires, Argentina
  4. Patagonias
  5. Santiago, Chile
  6. Brazil (for G-Lab)

Having finished classes for this semester this past Thursday, I have already started traveling. Took a bus from Boston to NYC yesterday, and this morning I have already flown from NYC to Bogota, Columbia. Where, currently, I am awaiting for a transfer to Lima, Peru.

Many adventures await…much free thinking time awaits as well…It’ll be fun to see what transpires.

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