MBA MIT Sloan First Year Recap – Treks!

Business school is funny. Though you have no income, there are so many opportunities to travel. Hence another reason Bschool becomes a very expensive two years of your life.

Looking back at my first year, here are some of my favorite treks/trips.

1. Iceland – Toured the country, visited their central bank, took a dip in Blue Lagoon, went to a geothermal plant, and ate some famous Iceland hot dogs. Awesome.

2. NYC Sports Trek – I was one of the directors for this trek and we visited NASCAR, NHL, NBA, and NFL, learning about the sports industry and how to break into it.

3. NYC Finance Day – Spent the entire day visiting investment banks in the NYC area. A great opportunity to hear from MIT and Sloan alumni about working in this ever changing industry.

4. MediaTech Trek – Spent a week in the Bay Area visiting Tech companies from major players (Google, Apple, Yahoo, Cisco) to growing companies (LinkedIn, Zynga, VMWare) to startups (Dropbox).

5. Tuck Winter Carnival – A gathering of Bschools from all over the nation. This was especially fun since MIT Sloan brought home the hot dog eating trophy for the 2nd year in a row!

6. Luxury Study Tour – A week in Europe learning about the luxury good industry. Learned about how a brand, by itself, can have so much influence.


I will be posting highlights on individual ones in the future.

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