Week Roundup June 27 Sports

My first roundup.

WORLD CUP – When I watch the World Cup, I feel like a citizen of the world, it’s  something you can talk about with anyone. Some of the interesting tidbits to me thus far.

  • South Korea-Uruguay: Second time ever Korea made into the elimination round. The match against Uruguay was intense. On one “hand” South Korea got lucky for the handball that wasn’t called, but it didn’t help as the Uruguay striker, Luis Suarez, made an amazing goal.
  • US-Ghana: Another exciting match. I hope this World Cup coverage continues to help grow the sport in States. I wish for soccer to become huge in America.
  • England-Germany: Bad bad call ref. I wonder how much that goal would’ve changed the match? Definitely the mental game changes when you are tied, or when you are losing.
  • North Korea-Portugal: I thought it was fitting that North Korea lost 7-0 when it is the first time they aired live coverage of the game in their country. For their own propaganda, it’s kinda hard to spin this in a good way.

TENNIS – I have one picture to describe the week at Wimbledon.

I grabbed the screen shot here. It’s going to be a while until these match records are broken. 70-68 in the last set. That’s insane. To me this match falls into the category of Eric Gagne’s 84 consecutive saves record and Wilt’s 100 point game, i.e. something we may not see again. Oh yeah, in lesser new, the Queen of England visited the tennis courts.

BASKETBALL – I can’t believe the Blazers fired their GM one hour prior to the draft. That’s not even comprehendible to me. I’m not going to judge the reasons for the firing, but I did feel that more communication could’ve been made with the fans.  The open letter from Pritchard, I felt, was a classy gesture, it gave me a tiny bit more closure to the whole situation. I wonder how Blazer players feel about all this? Most, if not all, of them came into Portland while Pritchard was a part of the organization.

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