Update June 27

After taking a good amount of time to finally make a webpage and blog, there I go neglecting it for a month. Now that I’ve finally settled into my internship and new location (sunny California), there’s a few ideas that I want to implement to avoid being a one and done blog.

1. Having been away from school for a month+ now, there’s some interesting perspective I’ve gained looking back over my first year MBA experience. I’ve had the privilege to do a lot of neat things and I want to share some of the highlights and notable moments from the year.

2. Being accused of “reading the internet” daily by friends, I want to try to put a weekly summary of my favorite links/posts/stories, mostly surrounding technology and sports.

3. Outdoors . I figure a blog would be a good way to share some of my neat outdoor experiences, and practice some of my (super) amateur photography with friends (i.e. the majority of the people, after begging, to even read this blog…).

We’ll see how many of these ideas stay alive after a month…

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