MBA MIT Sloan First Year Recap – Favorite Classes


MIT has a lot of good professors and classes. In terms of teaching, I’ve been impressed with what MIT Sloan has had to offer so far. Obviously well renowed in their respective fields, but also great teachers, enthusiastic about their subject, and so open and willing to work with the students.

My personal favorite classes from the past year:

15.012 Applied Macro and International EconomicsRoberto Rigobon + Tavneet Suri. This was the most entertaining course I’ve ever taken at MIT. Together they do a great job teaching the class, and Prof. Rigobon’s energy is especially amazing. If I have half that energy when I’m 30, I’d be very happy. I did not think that I could ever have this much fun learning economics at 8:30am in the morning. It’s a great Sloan experience.

15.014 Global Economic Challenges – Kristin Forbes. Another excellent economics class, and is amazingly taught by Prof. Forbes. In 2003, she was the youngest ever member of the President’s Council of Economic Advisors, and so along with her academic work, she has a lot of experience to share as well. The class is great and so relevant especially with the current recession as a backdrop.

15.402 Finance II (Corporate Finance) – Paul Asquith. I was privileged to have been able to take this class. It was packed to the brim with students, wait list over 20+ long. All the second years told me that I cannot miss this class, and it was well worth it. Prof. Asquith is an amazing teacher with the knowledge of the entire history and working of corporate finance, with an incredible passion for teaching…if he did not, he would not go through the pain and effort to teach and could’ve been very rich on wall street. (as someone with zero finance background) This class changed the way I looked at finance.  Applying the principles of the class…Is my personal capital structure optimal for me (100% debt)?

15.810 Marketing ManagementMark Ritson. Prof. Ritson was a visiting professor to MIT Sloan last year, and this class was a treat. Even though I was taking 7 other classes, I made sure to sit in every class. One of my classmates stated this class was “life-changing.” This was one of the best taught class I’ve ever taken in my life. With his deep experience in marketing, working with the top brands around the world, he had so much  to bring to the classroom. It’s a shame that other Sloanies won’t have a chance to be taught by him.

Having never taken a business/accounting/economics/finance/marketing class EVER, the MIT Sloan MBA program so far has been worth while. It has allowed me to learn the theory behind a variety of subjects I’ve never had the chance to dive into, as well as understand the mechanisms used in business today.

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